The Outer Banks View from Above

  • Posted On: 24th September 2013
View from Larry's helicopter heading south past Rodanthe.

View from Larry’s helicopter heading south past Rodanthe.

I just saw Larry Ihle of Coastal Helicopters and we got to talking about the summer and how things are going now. –Kip Tabb

Larry mentioned that the summer worked out well for him. “We just seemed to work around the weather,” he said.

Fall, though, according to Larry is the time to fly. “You can see 100 miles in every direction right now,” he said. “The air is really smooth.”

Larry flies out of the Dare County Regional Airport in Manteo and he covers everything from Carova to Ocracoke. I’ve flown with Larry a couple of times, and he doe a great job of pointing out some of the things you might miss if you’re not use to flying. And for photographers, he’ll get you as close as he can within regulations and common sense.

It’s a great time up there right now. The sky is clear, the air is clean and that flight in a helicopter is much smoother than you would think.


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