Government Shutdown Will Change Outer Banks Plans

  • Posted On: 1st October 2013
Hang Gliding at Jockeys Ridge State Park is still available.

Hang Gliding at Jockeys Ridge State Park is still available.

This is an article we thought we would never have to write on our Outdoor Outer Banks website.-Kip Tabb

It was our hope that we would focus exclusively on all the great activities to do while living or visiting here and leave the hard news to someone else.

Unfornately, life got in the way. Or perhaps betters said, the political life of Washington.

First the good news–all state, county and local governments are functioning normally. That means if your plans included hang gliding at Jockey’s Ridge State Park with Kitty Hawk Kites, nothing has changed. It also means you will have to buy that fishing license to cast your line–but you can certainly still go fishing.

Unfortunately you may not go fishing on any federally owned land. Or hunting, or event visit. All national parks, monuments, fish and wildlife land–any facility the U.S. government owns is closed.

Here is what Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge Manager Mike Bryant wrote earlier today. “This means all public uses of these national wildlife refuges cease completely–no hunting or fishing . . .  It means no birdwatching, no walking on the beaches or trails . . . It means that these federally-owned lands are closed . . . For Refuge employees, it means no work. No checking emails, no posting on web pages, no management activities, and no public programs- on- or off-refuge. The few Refuge staff we have working will be limited to activities that protect of life and property or communications internally concerning the closure.”

The good news, such as it is, is there is still lots to do on the Outer Banks and the weather is looking beautiful for the remainder of the week. The fishing is picking up and there’s lot’s of activities scheduled for next weekend.

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