Outer Banks Week-Good or Not so Good . . . Just Depends

  • Posted On: 15th October 2013


Lots of people on the beach this afternoon. This time tomorrow, maybe they'll be in the water.

Lots of people on the beach this afternoon. This time tomorrow, maybe they’ll be in the water.

Kiteboarders, windsurfers—rejoice! Or reports make it pretty clear they have been for the past week or so. – Kip Tabb

The howling NE winds that are churning up the Atlantic surf have sent the wind sport crowd skimming across the waves. We haven’t had a chance to get down to Hatteras Island, but the reports filtering north are that conditions are excellent.

Surfers—well, Friday and Saturday were solace for the addict’s soul. Big swells, even breaks . . . not a day for a novice, but experienced surfers were out in number and having a blast.

And then the NE wind started howling again. Big waves, lots of chop yesterday and today, although things seem to be smoothing out a bit. The forecast calls for improving conditions later in the week, and there’s a good chance the surf will be rideable starting tomorrow.

Surf fishing has been tough, but should improve as the waves mellow out.

Don’t forget—all federal lands are closed to all activities until the US Government shutdown is resolved. State and local facilities remain open and beach driving is permitted in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills and all of Corolla to the Virginia line.

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