Outdoor Outer Banks Forecast Looking Up for the Week

  • Posted On: 16th December 2013
Weekend surf action at Kitty Hawk. Courtesy Duck Village Outfitters

Weekend surf action at Kitty Hawk. Courtesy Duck Village Outfitters.

The outdoor forecast is looking up this week on the Outer Banks.-Kip Tabb

The big news for the week, of course, is the Bonner Bridge has reopened so all those opportunities for fishing, surfing and windsports on Hatteras Island are just a short drive away again.

After a stellar weekend of surf, things have slowed down a bit today, but all forecasts are calling for small but rideable waves for the rest of the week, especially toward the weekend.

Winds are pretty calm today but should be picking up tomorrow afternoon into Wednesday, when we’re looking at 15-20 mph winds from the NNW. Should be good conditions for kiteboarding or windsurfing, especially on the sounds.

Surf fishing action has been a little bit slow, although the weekend weather didn’t help much. There have been some reports of puppy drum being landed, and hopefully things will pick up as the week goes on. The ocean and sounds are pretty calm right now—should be a good time to get out on the open water. Charters are reporting good catches of tile and bass.

We came across this tidbit of fish information researching this article:

Katharine a 14 foot white shark pings off Ocracoke Island


The travels of Katherine the 14′ white shark.

Katharine, a 14 foot, 2300 pound white shark who was tagged off Cape Cod, Massachusetts by OCEARCH, was named by Cat Products fans in honor of Katharine Lee Bates, a Cape Cod native and songwriter – best known for her poem and song “America The Beautiful”, which has been called “an expression of patriotism at its finest.”

According to the OCEARCH website she has traveled 165 miles in the last 72 hours and the OCEARCH website shows the last ping just off Ocracoke Island.

It looks like she’s been hanging around the Outer Banks for the past few days.

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