The View from Here-Worldwide Surfing Conditions

  • Posted On: 19th December 2013
Surf at Rincon, Puerto Rico. 2010 surf contest. Source, Wikimedia.

Surf at Rincon, Puerto Rico. 2010 surf contest. Source, Wikimedia.

It hasn’t been the best season for Outer Banks surfing. The Atlantic hurricane season was surprisingly mild and the winter storms that have formed moved out to sea so quickly that there was little effect on wave action.-Kip Tabb

That doesn’t mean it’s been a complete washout, but some of the spectacular conditions that usually come during the fall and winter on the Outer Banks haven’t materialized.

Rather than dwell on what’s happening here at home, we thought we would take a tour of surf conditions world wide.

Best bet within a one day flying distance is probably Rincon, Puerto Rico. Temperatures forecast to be in the low 80s with 5’-7’ swells through Christmas and not much chance of rain.

Arroyo Barril, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic is only about 200 miles to the west of Rincon and surf conditions are similar, but rain is forecast through Christmas, with a one day break in the weather on Saturday.

For everyone who fled to Costa Rica for the winter—things are looking pretty good in Nosara this week. 5-8’ waves, nine to ten second intervals and mild temps. A little breezy but not too bad.

On the far side of the world, Gnarloo, Australia about 200 miles north of Perth on the west coast should have good surf conditions with 3-5’ waves and mild temperatures, but the wind is forecast to be blowing 20-30 knots.

A little closer to home and back in the USA, Wakiki is looking pretty sad with almost no rideable waves through Christmas. On the other side of the island though, Sunset Beach is looking great with 4.5-6’ waves throughout the forecast period and up to 11’ storm generated swells on Saturday.

Finally, back here at home—looks like a tough week coming up with a series of fronts moving through. If forecasts hold, though, we should have a Christmas gift on Christmas Eve with a break in the weather and 4’ swells.

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