The Outdoor Outer Banks Report

  • Posted On: 30th December 2013
Puppy drum. A lot of catch for the past few weeks.

Puppy drum. A lot of catch for the past few weeks.

A mixed bag of reports for outdoor activities on the Outer Banks for the New Year. –Kip Tabb

All reports out there have puppy drum running heavy past the Outer Banks the past few weeks. Conditions look great for the next two or three days for surf or pier fishing. The ocean is looking calm through Wednesday so anyone heading out to the Gulf Stream should have a great time.

Surfers . . . well, it’s not the best of times. Wave action has stayed just about knee high and the forecast is for more of the same until the end of the week when a front moves through with 25-30 mph winds. There may be some good conditions as it moves out to sea on Saturday, though.

Kiteboarders and windsurfers—you would think if there’s no wave action there might be some wind kicking up, but no such luck . . . at least not in the forecast. Friday looks like a great day though. The backside

Fly fishing from a kayak.

Fly fishing from a kayak.

of the front is forecast to bring winds between 25-30. Not a novice day, but more experienced riders might want to take a look at conditions.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday may be good days to get out on the sound in a kayak and explore . . . or try your hand at fly fishing.

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