Outer Banks Neutrality-I Just Wanted a Better Game

  • Posted On: 4th February 2014

 sbsunThat was a disappointing Super Bowl.-Kip Tabb

Not if you’re a Seahawks fan, which my sister out in Seattle is . . . and certainly not if you’re a Broncos fan, in which case you’re devastated, but for the rest of us, without a dog in the fight the highlight was the halftime show and the ads.

Because it’s an event beyond the gridiron, sitting at home and watching it, seemed somehow un-American so I headed up to Barefoot Bernie’s, ordered a beer and fried oysters (local and excellent), and sat back waiting to see what would happen.

Here are the highlights from a neutral Outer Banks observer:

  1. The Star Spangled Banner—Renee Fleming, opera singer, absolutely nailed it. Powerful with her own interpretation, each note perfect . . . too bad the rest of the evening didn’t live up to her standards.
  2. Joe Namath screwing up the coin toss—I realize I’m reaching here, but there really weren’t too many great moments.
  3. The Seattle Defense—It was pretty amazing to watch.
  4. Seattle linebacker Malcolm Smith running back an interception for a touchdown and winning the MVP award. About time somebody other than a quarterback won.
  5. The bacon cheeseburger I ordered.
  6. The halftime show.
  7. Percy Harvin running back the 2nd half opening kickoff. Kinda put the nail in the Bronco’s coffin.
  8. The Bronco’s lone touchdown. Manning’s pass to Demaryius Thomas was classic Manning—quick release, precise with a clear knowledge of exactly what the defense was doing. Too bad there wasn’t more of it.

In fairness to others, especially Seahawk fans, I’m sure there were other highlights. But from the Outer Banks seat of neutrality, that’s about the best that I can do.

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