Outer Banks Bootcamp Top Finisher

  • Posted On: 29th March 2014
Dylan Dutton successfully navigating an obstacle at the Carolina Spartan Race.

Dylan Dutton successfully navigating an obstacle at the Carolina Spartan Race.

The Reebok Spartan Races are not for the weak-willed. Grueling tests of fitness they are as much about physical stamina as they are a test of character.-By Kip Tabb

It is, as described on their website: “ . . . the world’s leading obstacle race series. It’s an event of pure primitive craziness that you’ll never forget!”

Which means the Outer Banks Bootcamp team must be crazier than most because they consistently finish in the top tier of teams competing, and at their most recent event–The Carolina Sprint Spartan Race in Charlotte–they finished 4th of 745 teams. Oh, and Case Aldridge finished 10th out of 6700 competitors with a time of 53:21.

The Spartan Races prize difficult conditions, but according to Dylan Dutton, who finished in a little over and hour and five minutes, the Carolina Sprint was even more difficult that usual. “A week before the race there was 8” of water on the ground,” he says.

Nonetheless, the Outer Banks Bootcamp team did remarkably well. The top four finishers are counted from the team and their times are averaged. The average time for a  4th place finish? 57:04.

The course was about five miles long with 15 obstacles along the way–although nothing approached the natural obstacle of the mud. “It was the muddiest race of 2014,” Dutton says.

And the racers left no doubt about conditions at the end of the race. Covered in mud, literally from head to toe, there was still a universal feeling of taking on a challenge and rising to the occasion. “It was fun,” Dutton says. “The weather was perfect, temperature around 70 and sunny. Most of the team finished between 54 minutes and 1:10,” he adds.


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