Outer Banks Y Takes Silver in International Competition

  • Posted On: 3rd April 2014
Some of the silver medal winning team at the OBX Y.

Some of the silver medal winning team at the OBX Y.

On Saturday, February 8th riders in hundreds of YMCA’s and gyms across the U.S. and many other countries hopped on Expresso bikes in their fitness centers to begin a Winter Games team competition coinciding with the Olympics lasting through February 22nd. – Laura Kirby, OBX YMCA

The competition was sponsored by Interactive Fitness which makes interactive Expresso workout bikes. The Outer Banks Family YMCA has four of these stationary bikes. Each has a visual screen with over 40 different digital roads and trails to ride on. The bike reacts to the terrain that appears on the screen allowing the rider to shift and steer as they ride—with no coasting!

Twenty-five OBX Y members participated in the competition which consisted of completing nine pre-determined challenging roads and trails. One hundred points were awarded to each team member that completed all nine rides.

The OBX team went into the competition knowing that with only four bikes they would be at a disadvantage in competing with many larger fitness centers with more bikes. But that pushed them even harder to register riders. Many members that work out at the Y aren’t necessarily athletes of course but this competition gave everyone a chance to be on a team. It was this team spirit that enabled OBX to score 2500 points edging out a team from France for second place. They won a Silver Medal…a great accomplishment!

While not all team members were available for the team picture, congratulations to all 25 YMCA members who participated in this fun and challenging event!


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